Interview: Darkstar

Mitte der 2000er Jahre, im Untergrund der Londoner Bass- und Elektronikszene, treffen Aiden Whalley und James Young aufeinander und Darkstar entsteht – eine Band, die außergewöhnliche Soundästhetik, politisches Statement und zwischenmenschliche Gefühle auf den Punkt bringt, wie derzeit kaum andere Künstler. Anlässlich der bevorstehenden Deutschland Tour, haben wir Darkstar ein paar Fragen rund um das aktuelle Warp-Album „Foam Island“ gestellt.

Am 20. Februar 2016 machen Darkstar dann ihren Stopp bei uns in München, in der Roten Sonne. Hier geht’s zum Facebook-Event.


For your third and latest album „Foam Island“ you got inspired by social circumstances, asceticism and deprivation. How did that come?

It came directly from noticing the political climate in the UK. the conservatives have just won a majority government and there’s a lot of frustration in the air about the political landscape in the UK. we wanted to observe that frustration in a community that may not always have a platfrom in the media to view their own sentiments on the situation.

And how could you include this in your working process?

It’s our third album so we wanted to lean more conceptually on a fully realised theme rather than put out 10 tracks on an LP. It’s where our head space is currently and something we wanted to address from a selfish point of view. It’s important to follow your instinct artistically and try to be as ambitious as possible.

The press loves the different style of your new album. Will you keep this? Or get back to the roots sometime?

Right now we’re writing and collaborating on more beat driven stuff so it’s always a transient state of work. You can’t stop developing so we’ve learnt to trust our instinct and follow where it takes us in the studio.

Can we already expect new music in the near future?

In the next 2-3 weeks.

What do you expect from your germany tour – escpecially from munich?

Hopefully not to get arrested like last time. A good audience who are receptive to how we present the music live.

And what can we expect from your live show?

It’s a mixture of old and new material with some unreleased ideas too so it’s a mixture of everything we’ve done until this point. I hope you enjoy it.

Foto: James Medcraft