Interview mit Bambounou

Der junge Pariser Bambounou ist zurück mit seiner „Centrum“ LP auf 50 Weapons und transportiert darin ein dystopisches Bild der Gesellschaft in der Zukunft, nachdem er sein erstes Album den Weiten des Alls widmete. Diesen Samstag kann man ihn erst bei einer Instore Session im Public Possession erwischen, am Abend spielt er dann länger bei Vicious Circle im Bob Beaman. Bevor es soweit ist, kann man sich zur Einstimmung unser Interview mit ihm durchlesen.


With 22 years you released „Orbiting“ on 50 Weapons. How did you get into electronic music in the first place?

I actually don’t really remember, I feel like I’ve always been into music but when I actually got into electronic music I can’t remember at all, but I guess it was when I was listening to the radio, first to Radio FG. They used to play old school house and I was recording most of the shows (in 1998 I think, so I was 8) but I wasn’t really playing attention to the artists and the label, I was interested in Pokémon as well at that age!

We read quite often that you create on „Centrum“ a quite dystopian view of the future. What are your personal imaginations about our society and earth in the future?

I believe things are going to get worse and worse, the situation on earth is not actually as bad as what we think, but I don’t have a positive opinion towards the future. I just like to imagine how, as human beings, we’re going to evolve in our new society.

You mentioned that the film „Akira“ or the „Foundations“ series from Isaac Asimov conveys the mood of „Centrum“. What other films, books or music influenced your work on your new album?

From Japan: Gunnm, Appleseed, Ghost in the shell and most recently 1Q84 from Haruki Murakami.
From Europe and the US: 1984, 2001 Space Odyssey, Alien (just the first one), Dune, Brave New World and the books from Jules Vernes.
I enjoy historical books as well, I guess it’s very techno to be aware of the past and facing the future!
French history is amazing, chinese history is great too, every mythological books and that’s pretty much it.

This time you use more musical elements from Ambient, Techno or experimental fragments. How does your creative process look like, do you have a certain concept in mind you work with?

I just like to jam and try to express whatever I’m feeling at the moment. I obviously have an idea of what I want to do before doing it but it’s never the same result in my head and when I write it, most of the time it’s better.

You see a lot of different cities when you´re travelling to the next DJ-Gig. Ever thought about moving away from Paris? For example to Berlin, that attracts so many Djs and producers from around the world?

I was born in Paris and lived there all my life, so now I don’t really want to move away, maybe one day, but for now I’ll stay in Paris.

Until April your busy with your „Centrum“-Album tour. What plans and projects are coming up afterwards?

I’m sorry, I’m not revealing my work until it’s fully done, but I’m still working hard and loads of cool stuff is coming.


Foto: Louise Chen