Zwei Detroit Techno-Legenden, ein Interview mit Octave One

Das Detroiter Duo Octave One kann man gut und gerne in die Riege der Techno-Legenden mitaufnehmen. Die Geschwister Lawrence und Lenny Burden starteten auf Derrick May´s Label Transmat und führen mittlerweile ihr eigenes 430 West Records. Am Freitag gibt es die Gelegenheit Octave One live im Rahmen des fünften Geburtstages von IWW im Backstage zu erleben. Wir hatten sie vorab im Gespräch über ihren Werdegang und ihre Sicht auf aktuelle Veränderungen im Bereich elektronischer Musik.


How did you get in touch with electronic music?

Our journey into electronic music literally came several different paths. Our first piece of electronic equipment came from a local Detroit Industrial band named the Aristabrats, we bought an Korg DDD-1 and a Kawai R-50 which started us into learning to program beats. Later we started renting studio time from Anthony Shakir who was working out of Metroplex who in turn took one of our first recordings over to Transmat Records where Carl Craig was already an artist and he urged Derrick May to listen to the song the Anthony Shakir dropped of to him.

In which ways has the music scene in Detroit changed? Who are some current artists we should be excited about?

We really think it has matured it had to, because we’ve all matured as artist from the first days of producing music. Surprisingly we don’t know to many of the new Detroit artist. We’re sure there are quite a few of them now, but we made the journey from living in the D to the move of now living in Atlanta Georgia about 5 or 6 years ago. So we’re really disconnected from the musical scene as of lately.

How has your way of producing changed over the years considering new possibilities in technology?

The newer technologies have really allowed us to as of lately work a lot more quickly and efficiently. We’re still very hardware based because that’s what we enjoy, but we’ve designing our new studio to have our hardware gear be just as fast to create in as anyone else’s computer based set up. It will really take some in depth explanation to you for you to understand what we truly mean, but newer technologies has helped us to update what some may consider to be an old school way of producing into the future.

You´re touring a lot in Europe. What is your impression of the german crowd?

The German crowd are probably the most educated and knowledgable of all the audiences we perform for as far as the knowledge of the music and even the history of dance music in general. They really appreciate when they see you working hard on stage because they understand exactly what they’re looking at when they see it. There’s no cheating the audiences at all, you’d better work for it!

Are there current or future projects you could tell us a little about?

We’re finishing up a remix for Loud Neighbor which we’re really in love with and it’s the first project to make it out of our new production studio. So we’re excited to see how the new sounds will translate to our fans and theres. After this remix project we’ll be putting the finishing touches on a sound cd for Future Music and then a new single and album for Octave One.


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