Interview mit dem DJ und Produzenten Leon (Cecille/ Viva Music) aus Italien

Der in Teramo geborene DJ und Produzent Leon mischt schon seit 10 Jahren in der elektronischen Musikszene mit und schaffte den Durchbruch nicht zuletzt durch Releases auf Cecille oder Viva Music. Auf letzterem ist Ende Mai sein Debut Album mitsamt der erfolgreichen Single „Supersonic“ erschienen.
Seine aktuelle „Walk & Drive“ EP erscheint nun auf dem Münchner Label IWW und bringt ihn aus diesem Anlass für einen Gig in unserer Stadt vorbei.
Am Samstag, den 21. Juli wird er zusammen mit den IWW-Residents eines seiner technoiden House-Set im Harry Klein zum Besten geben. Wir hatten ihn vorab im Gespräch.

How did you find your way into producing electronic music?

After 10 years of DJing I felt the need to produce tracks, something of really, my culture through my music. I wanted to start my tracks, something very personal, I should identify with after 10 years of DJing.

How did it come that your new EP „Walk And Drive“ will be released on Munich based label IWW?

I followed the label since its first release and all the EPs I really liked. Max made me the proposal to make one and I said yes, I’m very excited about this release, the label is growing fast!

How does your new EP sound like compared to your debut album ?

Ahhh the album is different because it’s more eclectic and complete. There are different styles of music, ambient, electro, techno, intro…
The EP is rather more for the dancefloor, and even includes elements of melodic, percussive techno!

You´re playing a gig at Harry Klein Club in Munich on July 21th. What do you associate with the city of Munich? Have you ever been there?

I’ve never been, I have friends who have told me that the city is very beautiful, I like Germany, I’ve been to Berlin, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf…
Harry Klein Club is one of the most important clubs in Germany and I am pleased and excited to play there.

What will the future for Leon look like? Any upcoming projects in the next months?

Continue to be a good DJ and producer. I have some important dates in Ibiza with Carola for Music On, Lawler’s VIVa Warriors and even with my brother Pirupa at Ushuaia.
I have an EP on Get Physical and Saved over the summer too so lots in the pipeline … I am very happy!


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