Interview mit MS MR

Die Künstlerräume im Ampere sind leer. „Sie sind tatsächlich in die Isar gesprungen“, stöhnt die Managerin des Abends. Doch nach einer weiteren halben Stunde ist es endlich soweit, unser Interview mit MS MR kann losgehen. Max wirft sich noch schnell ein T-Shirt über, Lizzy lässt sich mit tropfnassen Haaren, nur in ein Handtuch gewickelt auf die Couch sinken.


You jumped into the Isar right after the show! Why?

Lizzy Plapinger: Before the show we went to the beergarden and promised, if it felt like a really really good show we will jump into the river. And so we did it.

If you think of your first album “Secondhand rapture” as a feeling, what would it be?

Max: Schizophrenic. There are some romantic moments and some angry moments, and some sort of introspective, self aware moments.

Lizzy: I think it´s nice for people, to feel like there is a song on the record that fits to every mood. There is a song for everyone.

I like the DIY-style of your music and videos. Do you still have the same amount of freedom to do things yourself since you are signed by sony?

Max Hershenow: It´s not different. We wrote the entire album in my apartment. We spent a good year to define our visual and musical identity. So we had a concrete idea what we are, before we set that deal. That allowed us to maintain a lot of power over the project on every level.

Lizzy: Nothing of this project is created by anyone else then us. Every song you hear, every video you watch is from us. And I think that’s very rare for music in a major label. It´s something we are very proud of.

You both share your love of pop. What would you say makes this genre so awesome?

Lizzy: Pop music makes you feel good, it´s evocative. Pop is interesting because it engages you physically, emotionally or mentally. We want something that turns you on!

Hurricane was your big coming out. A lot of creative people remixed the song since then. What is your favorite remix?

Lizzy: The chvrches one! That song is totally not of that world.

Auch Moritz hat mit Moe & Joe eine eigene Version von Hurricane gemixt. Hört doch mal rein:

MS MR haben uns noch viel mehr erzählt! Das ganze Interview findet ihr auf zeitjung.

Foto: „Secondhand Rapture“ (2013) by Logan White